Height   cm Weight   kg

Height 191 weight 79

What is the ideal weight for 191 cm tall male or female? Is it normal to weigh 79 kg for this height? Body Mass Index (BMI) will answer these questions. If BMI value is within the range 18.5 – 24.99 (for any height), then the weight is withing normal limits.
For the height 1.91 meters (191 cm) and for the weight 79 kilograms:
Result:✔ The weight is within normal limits.
BMI:✔ 21.66
Normal weight limits:67 - 91 kg.
What to do?Maintain current weight. You can lose 12 kg and gain 12 kg staying within BMI ranges.
How to calculate BMI and weight ranges on your own?
  • BMI formula: weight / height2
    - where the height value is in meters (not in centimeters), for example 1.65 (not 165).
    - Multiplication first, then division!
  • For example, if the height is 164 cm and the weight is 86 kg, then BMI = 86 / 1.64 * 1.64 = 31.98. BMI above normal values.

Check yourself. The Height and weight combinations below are normal or not?